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Unbeatable plans for a Valentine's Day in Málaga



Unbeatable plans for a Valentine's Day in Málaga

French novelist Marcel Proust once said "there are places in which you stay forever and places that stay with you". Málaga is one of those places that visitors wish to live in and that travellers take forever in their hearts. If you are lucky enough to be in Málaga on a date like Valentine's Day, the city becomes even more special, full of light, colours and photographs that will remain etched in your mind forever.

So you do not miss the best places and plans for this magical day, here are some suggestions for you to spend it with the company of your choice. Choose the proposals you like the most and let Málaga make you fall in love even more.

La Concepción Historical-botanical garden

This garden, recognised as historic-artistic, is the perfect setting for a romantic stroll. Its topography, its layout and the collection of subtropical flora it houses, together with the waterfalls, streams, fountains and stairways, invite you to enjoy a leisurely stroll. More than 3,000 species and a monumental grove of hundred-year-old trees, as well as several buildings of special interest, provide the perfect setting for this special day.

In front of the Loringian Museum, a classical-style bench awaits the arrival of lovers.

The Alcazaba, its garden and the Gibralfaro castle

Walking through the bowels of the Alcazaba to transport you back to the Muslim era of the Kingdoms of Taifas and saying "I love you" as you walk through its marvellous gardens with the soundtrack of the water of the fountains in the background, is there anything more romantic? Of course there is. Climb to the top and enjoy the spectacular views of Malaga and its bay from Gibralfaro Castle.

Cemeteries and the other romanticism

There are two cemeteries in Malaga that are full of love, history and romanticism. One is the Historical Cemetery of San Miguel, which invites you to tour the grounds and get to know the people buried there, as well as the points of artistic and monumental interest in neoclassical and neo-Gothic style, such as the pantheon of the Larios. Here are buried personalities such as the sculptor-imaginer Francisco Palma, the poet Afonso Canales, Trinidad Grund, Manuel Agustín Heredia, the gangster Alvin Karpowicz and General Torrijos.

The other cemetery of romantic interest is the English Cemetery of Malaga, which encloses within its walls such illustrious figures as Robert Boyd, Gerald Brenan and the writer Jorgue Guillén

[ Amor dormido

Dormías, los brazos me tendiste y por sorpresa
rodeaste mi insomnio. ¿Apartabas así
la noche desvelada, bajo la luna presa?
tu soñar me envolvía, soñado me sentí.]

[Sleeping love

You slept, you held out your arms and by surprise
You surrounded my insomnia Did you move away like this
the sleepless night, under the prey moon?
your dream enveloped me, dreamed I felt.]


A boat trip at sunset

Enjoying a quiet boat or catamaran ride in the Bay of Malaga while the sun goes down is a plan that few can refuse on Valentine's Day. And, if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the dolphins that are occasionally spotted off the coast of Malaga. These boats usually depart from Muelle Uno.

Finish your day with a romantic dinner

Malaga's gastronomy is capable of combining the best of the sea and the land in the same dish. The options for an unforgettable evening in Malaga are very diverse and you can find everything from taperías and taverns to Michelin-starred restaurants all over the city. Some of these establishments offer special Valentine's Day dinners with menus prepared for the occasion and different evenings.
After enjoying a sweet and delicious dessert, we suggest you end the day in one of the terraces that are scattered throughout the city centre and from which you can enjoy the best views of Malaga at night.