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The secrets of the Botanical-Historical Garden La Concepción



The secrets of the Botanical-Historical Garden La Concepción

The Botanical-Historical Garden La Concepción is one of the few gardens in Europe with subtropical plants

The origin of this garden lies in the love of a couple, the Marquises of Casa Loring, Jorge Loring Oyarzábal and Amalia Heredia Livermore.

The love of this couple  for culture and history, as well as their travels throughout the European continent, led them to materialize the idea of this garden in the city. The space has become a spectacular viewpoint of Malaga itself and from which you can see the historic center of the capital

Indeed, it is a lively space that hosts activities throughout the year. We will tell you about it in this post.

Exhibition programme of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden hosts a series of exhibitions which rotate every month of the year. In June, it will be the moment of Gabinete Hyde. Collective. “Whims. Natural interventions” (in Spanish "Caprichos. Intervenciones al natural").

The pictures of the Association of Friends (in Spanish Asociación de Amigos) with Antonio Mérida and 'Scientific Photography: Dragonflies' (in Spanish ‘Fotografía Científica.Libélulas’), will be held in the month of July. From the same association comes the August collection Paintings of the Friends' Association (in Spanish 'Pinturas de la Asociación de Amigos').

Valeria Pesce and 'Natural Paintings' (in Spanish ‘Pinturas naturales') will come to the garden in September and October. November is the month of the Moments Festival and the last month of the year, Ana Roldán and her painting, 'Sparrows and other inhabitants' (in Spanish ‘Sparrows y otros habitantes’).

Moreover, there is the permanent exhibition of this space: 'The story told by Barbie' (in Spanish ‘La historia contada por barbie’), an exhibition hosted by La Casita del Jardinero that recreates the history of these famous dolls.

Family activities

At La Concepción there are activities for the whole family. Here you can organize birthday parties with games, activities and workshops for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Christmas with the family (in Spanish ‘Navidad en familia’) is a project consisting of days for the whole family in which there are games, walks, visits to exhibitions and family gymkhanas.

Father's Day and Mother's Day can also be celebrated here, on a Sunday in March and the first Sunday in May, respectively. On this occasion there are children's puppets, family games and gymkhanas.

Throughout the year they organize "Family Sundays", fun family days at La Concepción, with gymkhanas and puppet shows.

Guided night visits

On Friday evenings it is the turn of 'Nights with history' (in Spanish ‘Noches con historia’), the guided tours organized by the garden. With the historic garden and the climb to the Mirador illuminated, the perspective of La Concepción is very different. The interior of the Palace House, the courtyard and the old library are also visited.

In summer, in addition to the guided night visits, there are dramatized night visits, activities that also take place on special days such as Valentine's Day or Halloween.

Routes in the Botanical Garden

First of all we find the Forest Route (Ruta Forestal), which takes us through the highest part of the estate. From here we have panoramic views of the garden, as well as of the city of Málaga.

Viewpoints Route (Ruta de los Miradores), which also runs along a higher area, takes us to the Mirador de los Amigos viewpoint, the most famous of all, which offers the best panoramic views of the city.

There are routes where you can discover aquatic plants, primitive plants and trees, bamboo, citrus trees, palm trees and a varied garden of cacti and succulents, among many others.

We can't forget the Around the World in 80 Trees Route (Ruta de la Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Árboles), in which species brought from the 5 continents are reviewed.

Scattered throughout the Historic Botanical Garden of La Concepción, there are places worth mentioning, such as the greenhouse, the San Telmo Aqueduct (Acueducto de San Telmo) as it passes through the garden, the iron gazebo, the Fountain of the Nymph (Fuente de la Ninfa), ponds, bridges and waterfalls, as well as historic buildings and monumental species..