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The great movie studio: discover the productions filmed in Malaga



The great movie studio: discover the productions filmed in Malaga

Located between the sea and the mountains, Malaga has beautiful natural spaces, a rich historic artistic heritage, unique urban and industrial buildings, with great façades that transforms the city into a big movie set that can be the backdrop for many stories

In addition to this, the mediterranean weather with soft temperatures all year around, where sunny days are consistent, allow perfect exterior filming sets during any season. Together with the bilingual culture have contributed to Malaga being the backdrop for the last 20 years in more than 3.000 productions, with the support of the Town Hall, which has a filming office, Malaga Film Office.

The city has been the host to a great number of productions since the 20th Century, with De Málaga a Vélez Málaga (1909) being the first movie filmed there, following with the production of Los Últimos de Filipinas (1945), Amanecer en Puerta Oscura (1957) etc. More recently movies like Sin Fin, Toro, Como Dios Manda, Hombre muerto no sabe vivir, Entre dos aguas, Maniac tales, La casa del caracol…

The International Film industry has also visited Malaga many times with productions like Fire Over Africa (1954), Moment of Danger (1959), Lost Command, (1966) and recently The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2004), The Hitman’s Wifes Bodyguard (2019), True Things (2020), etc… Even Bollywood has visited the city to film Heart Attack (2013) and Miss India (2019)

Malaga has also been the backdrop of many TV series like The Crown, Black Mirror, La Monja Guerrera, Genius: Picasso (which global premiere was held at the Cervantes Theater), and more recently, Kaos, some seasons of the Queen of the South, The Paradise and Toy Boy, proving that filming in Malaga has been a satisfactory experience.

Aunque podemos encontrar detalles de éstas y muchas otras producciones en la siguiente selección: vamos a detenernos en algunas que en los últimos años han recorrido esta ciudad a través del objetivo.
You can find the details and many more productions in this selection, but we will stop at some of the movies set in the city through the lense.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Period movie set in colonial Peru in the 18th Century in Malaga, with an exceptional cast: Robert de Niro, Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel, Pilar López de Ayala, etc… Filming locations included the Harbor, the Cathedral, the Cervantes Theater, the Plaza del Obispo (where a bonfire was lit up, one of the main events)

The path of the English

The most famous actor in Malaga, Antonio Banderas, goes behind the camera to direct this movie, based on the novel by Antonio Soler and filmed entirely in Malaga.
The film cast includes Victoria Abril, Alberto Amarilla, Juan Diego, Fran Perea and Mario Casas, and you can spot streets like Granada and Marmoles Street, the Plaza de la Merced and the Seafront of Antonio Machado.

The snow girl

Based on the best selling novel by Malaga author Javier Castillo, it tells the story of a girl that disappears in New York. It was filmed in the outskirts of town. The Plaza de la Constitucion became the setting of the most important scene in the Netflix movie, recreating the three Wise Men parade in March (placing it as a thanksgiving parade). The Capuchinos neighborhood, el palo, Guadalmar etc. were some of the other locations.


This suspense series with Maggie Civantos, Salva Reina, Vicente Romero and Laura Baena, showed Spain through TVE1 different spots in Malaga, like the Old Town, the Palma-Palmilla, the Palo, the Balneario, the Monte Coronado and the Cerrado of Calderón etc. All the episodes were filmed in the city.

Operation Mincemeat

One of the last productions filmed in Malaga, the city transformed into the cemetery of San Miguel in the Second World War. Operation Mincemeat is a british/American production based on a true story and with Colin Firth as its main character. The movie follows two special intelligence officials that created a plan to decieve the Nazis, making them believe that the alliance planned to attack from the South of Europe through Greece instead of Sicily. In the movie you can spot places like the Town Hall and the Gardens of Puerta Oscura.

The Crown

The popular original Netflix series, centered around the life of Queen Elizabeth II, filmed its fourth season in the capital, from the last floor of the AC Malaga Palacio hotel, transformed into a skyscraper of the city of Brisbane in an official visit of the prince and princess of Wales, Charles and Diana. The tea, filmed in the Municipal Auditorium of Cortijo de Torres, the Botanical Garden of La Concepción, the Residence of Castañon de Mena, the Great Hotel Miramar and the Palace of Monte Miramar, appearing in several scenes of the 6th episode. This is why Malaga was a finalist for the award of Best Location in Europe, at the European Film Location Award created by the Association of Film Commissions in Europe.

Many of these productions can be watched in the Youtube channel of Malaga Film Office, where they promote movies listed by production, location, group and goals.