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The Feria de Málaga: everything you need to know for an unforgettable experience



The Feria de Málaga: everything you need to know for an unforgettable experience

From 13th to 20th August, Malaga will gear itself up after two years missing out on celebrating its biggest festival

Málaga Fair is celebrated in August and it's of the most expected weeks to Málaga residents and visitors. 

The open nature of the venues makes this celebration different, cosmopolitan and accessible to all. All you need to have the best time is the desire to enjoy it.

Are you planning your trip to our city and you don’t want to miss out on anything? We are going to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know for you to have the best time at this big party. Are you ready?

First stop: La Malagueta

The Malagueta beach becomes the first official stage of the Feria de Málaga at midnight from Friday 12 to Saturday 13 August. This is where the fireworks show takes place, which brightens up the city skies with colour. Waterfalls of lights and fire in the sea form an iconic image that will give you a clear example of all that is left to experience at the fair.

Get there with enough time and find a good spot so you don’t miss out on anything.

The pilgrimage to the Basilica-Sanctuary of Santa María de la Victoria

On the first Saturday of the fair, it is the urban pilgrimage to the temple of the patron saint of Malaga, the Virgen de la Victoria. The pilgrimage departs from the Paseo del Parque, where carriages, horses and pilgrims all meet. This marks the start of the day fair.

Crowds of believers attend this event dressed in typical flamenco dresses. There, the mayor presents the city's flag to the “guardian” (abanderado), a person or group chosen each year for their work in the city. Flowers are left and a religious ceremony takes place in the Basilica.

Proclamation and Lighting up the Real at the Feria

The celebration of the proclamation in the Real del Cortijo de Torres is one of the main novelties of the 2022. It will be together with the lighting up of the artistic illumination of its façade, which this year recreates the façade of the Customs Palace. It is one of the most eagerly awaited and exciting moments.

The old town

The centre of Malaga is one of the key places to experience the Feria de Málaga. The streets of the old town are filled with joy and transform into the perfect setting to enjoy the festivities with friends and family. Singing, dancing and entertainment await the visitor on the streets adorned with little flags and lanterns.

Eating and drinking

Malaga has the best food, and so does the fair. Among the typical dishes you will find at the fair are fried aubergines with sugar cane honey, potato omelette, fried fish or a nice plate of hams and cheeses.

To go with these delicacies, a good, chilled wine or a moscatel are an intrinsic part of the Feria de Málaga. If the province is famous for anything, it is for the high quality of its sweet wine, and at this festival it is not unusual to find people with a wine tasting glass hanging around their necks. These wines leave a good taste in your mouth and whisk you off to the most traditional part of the festival. You can also try the “rebujito”, a sherry and lemonade cocktail, and any other drink you fancy. But remember... Drink in moderation.

Shall we dance?

Strolling through the centre during the fair and being surprised by the typical music and dance of Malaga, the verdiales, is a must for visitors. Dressed in peasant costumes (the men in white shirts, black trousers and flower hats, and the women in traditional skirts and shirts), the members of the verdiales groups dance to the sound of this folkloric music that fills every movement with colour.

But, besides verdiales, at the Feria de Málaga you can dance to all types of music. You'll find numerous music groups scattered around the streets and squares that you can't help but dance away to. One of Malaga's favourite places to enjoy these concerts is the Plaza de la Flores.

Lastly, every year the Malaga Auditorium hosts a wide range of performances organised by the City Council, in which local artists also play an important role. 

With polka dots, ruffles and shorts

If you are feeling daring and fancy dressing up in the typical costume of the fair, it is not difficult to find options in the different specialised shops in Malaga: flamenco dresses with polka dots, prints and lots of ruffles; riding skirts and shirts or shorts for men.

In any case, a flower in your hair or any other accessory, such as a comb or a shawl, are perfect if you are not wearing the typical costume.

The Real: for grown-ups and the not so grown-ups

In the Real at the Feria de Málaga you can experience both the day and the night fair, but it is the second option that can only be experienced here. The Cortijo de Torres fairground is decorated and filled with all kinds of stalls, where the partying and dancing goes on until the early hours of the morning.

We cannot forget the little ones (and not so little ones). The rides are located at the fairgrounds. If your idea is to travel with your family, this is the perfect place because here you can find fun for children and young people, with rides for adults too so they can release some adrenaline.

How to get there

You can get to the Feria de Málaga in various ways, but we recommend public transport. In the city there are buses at any time, from any location, and there is a specific line to get to the Real. But, if you prefer, you can also get around in your car, as every year the City Council provides thousands of parking spaces which are usually at: Feria Norte-Palacio de Ferias, Pierrot-Centro Comercial, Los Prados, Huerta del Correo and Teatinos.

The local commuter trains, taxis and chauffeur-driven vehicles are other options available to you.