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Sunsets in Malaga



Sunsets in Malaga

The city of Malaga offers many wonderful corners where you can enjoy sunsets that are sure to impress. As it is surrounded by sea and mountains, there are many dreamy spots where you can feast your eyes on a spectacular landscape.

Gibralfaro Castle Viewpoint

This place always offers one of the most beautiful views of the bay of Malaga, and the sunset from here is one of incomparable beauty.

Los Baños del Carmen

If you start from the assumption that there is something magical about this location, then enjoying a sunset from here is something everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. The infinite sea merges with the hues of the sunset leaving you enraptured.

El Peñón del Cuervo

From this Malaga beach you can also enjoy a unique sunset perspective. The viewpoint found between here and El Candado beach provides wonderful images to those who come to this point of the city.

Montes de Málaga

The Pocopán viewpoint is located on one of the highest peaks of the Montes de Málaga, and from here you can see some of the most important mountain ranges in the province, such as El Jobo, Camarolos, Las Cabras and El Torcal de Antequera – a 360° view of a unique sunset.

This list provides just a few recommendations of the most outstanding places where you can gaze at a beautiful sunset, but there are also many other areas, such as the Port of Malaga, that offer a memorable sunset view.