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Shopping in Malaga



Shopping in Malaga

One of the most common activities in Malaga for both locals and visitors is shopping. The city has a wide range of high street shops as well as large shopping centres for all tastes.

The centre of Malaga is one of the obligatory stops for shopping enthusiasts. Here you can find everything from the most exclusive establishments to family shops that maintain their traditional essence. Fashion shops, shoe shops, jewellery shops, gift shops, bookshops, gastronomic shops, craft shops... there is a wide variety for visitors to choose from.

Tourists who spend a day shopping in the city centre will find themselves wandering along one of the most important shopping streets in the country, Calle Larios. This lively pedestrianised street is one of the city’s most emblematic. It is also decorated according to the season: in summer it is covered by a large awning to protect people from the heat, and at Christmas the decoration and lighting are a spectacle for all the senses. Every important company aspires to occupy premises on this road, which is visited by millions of people over the course of a year.

Calle Nueva, Calle Granada and Calle Comedias also add to the city centre’s commercial offer. They are home to some of the most long-lived establishments in the centre. Cafes, bars, restaurants and terraces complete the agenda of a day's shopping in Malaga.

Furthermore, when the visitor walks through the streets of the historic centre to do their shopping they will have the good fortune to discover outstanding monuments, buildings with history and places of great cultural interest.

The shopping centres of Malaga also offer the visitor a varied offer of fashion, leisure and restaurants. Planning a day of shopping in the city's shopping centres is also a very common option, with many people taking into account the weather when choosing between indoor and open, outdoor spaces.