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Savouring Málaga's cuisine, both traditional and modern



Savouring Málaga's cuisine, both traditional and modern

Málaga has it all... and that is beginning to be an open secret. We find a first class gastronomic offer for all tastes, and that is also shared by millions of travellers who have had the good fortune to discover Málaga's cuisine. A cuisine where memorable traditional dishes and exquisite creations of the best chefs stand out.

Here we highlight some of the must-try dishes on this tour of Málaga's gastronomy. Recipes that are all the rage with both local diners and travellers in search of new flavours. Take note of these suggestions and enjoy them in Málaga.

The gazpachuelo, you haven’t ever tasted anything like that.

There is no more original, subtle and delicious soup in the world of soups. With hake, potato, oil, egg and a little lemon, we achieve a gastronomic marvel whose flavour is an exquisite surprise for the palate. One of the key ingredients is the light lemon mayonnaise which is carefully mixed with the fish stock and potatoes. Gazpachuelo is a classic in many establishments in Málaga.

Caldillo de pintarroja, the fishermen's dish

We continue with seafood recipes, now with a soup with a powerful flavour, with just the right amount of spiciness: the fabulous "caldillo de pintarroja". The dogfish is a fish from the shark family, widely eaten in Málaga. The origin of the dish lies in a broth that fishermen used to drink in a glass. Today it is very common on the menus of the city's restaurants and is served as a soup. Delicious.

Málaga’s young goat, seal of quality

As you can see, a constant in Málaga cuisine is the quality of the product. A good example of this is the dishes made with Málaga goat, a local product that is raised in a sustainable and traditional way on farms in the province. And all of this is evident in the exquisite meat of this native breed. Don't leave without trying the chivo al ajillo, a festival of flavour.

Avant-garde cuisine devoted to the origin

In recent years, the city's gastronomic offer has been nourished by the contribution of chefs with a particularly creative vision and avant-garde proposals based on our culinary legacy.

Málaga's cuisine is wisely interpreted by chefs such as José Carlos García (Michelin star) who, with emblematic recipes such as concha fina margarita or quisquilla with roasted pepper juice, give shine and new meanings to the excellent local products.