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Plans at the seashore of Málaga all year round



Plans at the seashore of Málaga all year round

With the Mediterranean sea as its backdrop, the city of Málaga has many great features to spend holidays, and even move there!

 It's tempered weather, with more than  320 days of sun every year, you can organize plans by the beach anytime.

Being near the sea elevates the quality of living, and it encourages people to practice sports, play, relax and socialize. In malaga, you can do this and much more. These are some of the plans you can do to enjoy the beach all year around.

Sunset Beach Walks

Beach side walks are quite beneficial. Walking barefoot on the sand awakens the nervous system and strengthens the muscles on your feet. Sun exposure gives us vitamin D, and all of  this it’s why walking on the beach daily is one of the greatest pleasures.

Meditation & Yoga

The breeze of the sea invites you to breathe better and relax your mind. Doing meditation or yoga on the beach has many benefits, as the sea breeze is full of negative hydrogen ions, which have the ability to increase serotonin levels (the happiness hormone!), helping us to reduce stress and anxiety. On the other hand, as sand is not that stable, your balance will improve.

Fun and Sports: Let’s play!

Swimming, running by the beach… or playing with beach rackets! It’s one of the most usual sports on the beaches of Malaga anytime of the year. You can practice them with friends, family, your partner…it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad at sports, as long as you have fun and do some exercise in the process. If you are a big group, games of beach soccer or volleyball are always fun.

Family fun to remember

The beach is one of the places that can make for unforgettable memories with your family. Building sand castles with the little ones, flying a kite, learning how to swim…those memories will last a lifetime.

Watch the sunset and later, the stars

A beautiful sunset, feeling the breeze of the sea, and later lay down on the sand to admire the night sky. This simple plan is undoubtedly an activity we recommend you enjoy when visiting Malaga.

Organized sport sessions

The beach offers all kinds of possibilities to train and socialize with other people. From usual activities, like swimming and running, to more organized sessions of zumba or sand aerobics. And at the end, enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the numerous bars located at the beachfront, open all year around.

Enjoy the beach with your pets

In Malaga you can also enjoy the beach with your dog. In the beach of La Araña, in the Arroyo of Totalán, east side of the city, you can access the sand with your pets. You can find more information here.

Water Sports

One of the advantages of being in Málaga is that you can practise water sports all year around. You will only need a neoprene and wish to have fun. you can do it by yourself or with a trainer, you can practice paddle surfing, surf, kitesurf…the sea is waiting for you!

Beachside Gastronomy

All the restaurants and beachfront bars, or having a picnic near the water is a pleasure at any time and season. If you do it on an al fresco terrace, you can taste the typical fried fish, or delicious traditional dishes and exquisite gastronomy.

Enjoy the pleasure of ‘dolce far niente’

When the sun starts to set and the skies turns orange, turn off your phone, relax and empty your mind to enjoy the scenery of the bay of Málaga. But a warning: you might want to stay forever.