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Places (and reasons) to learn Spanish in Málaga



Places (and reasons) to learn Spanish in Málaga

Learning a language is one of the best ways to gain in-depth knowledge of the culture and lifestyle of a place, and we recommend you to learn Spanish in Málaga. Why? Because the locals’ lifestyle and character will make you fall in love with the language, with the people and with the city itself. On this post, we tell you everything you need to know to start and organise your Spanish learning journey

Spanish language schools in Málaga

Intercambios lingüísticosMálaga offers a wide number of language schools where you will learn Spanish in the best way possible. These centres have native teachers that will teach you how to speak and understand the language perfectly. In addition to standard Spanish you will learn interesting local vocabulary and expressions that will make you speak like if you were from Málaga and to immerse yourself in the local culture.

You will find many of these language schools in the old town of Málaga, where there are diverse restaurants and venues in which students and locals meet, creating the perfect atmosphere to soak up both the language and idiosyncrasies of the city.

Students also have other favourite areas to learn Spanish: the seafaring neighbourhoods of El Palo and Pedregalejo, in the east of the city. There are currently several Spanish language schools in these areas, as well as small hotels and guesthouses where numerous foreign students stay, living up the evenings in the promenade and in multiple chiringuitos (beach restaurants) and entertainment venues.

Learning through culture

Cines AlbénizMálaga has a wide range of cultural options that offer the perfect opportunity to learn and to improve your Spanish while enjoying numerous cultural activities. You can watch a film in its original version with Spanish subtitles at the Albéniz cinema or go to one of the many plays performed at the Cervantes, Echegaray or Soho theatres. It is a creative and fun way to enhance your language skills while you discover the culture of the city.

Learning in bars and terraces

Terrazas La MercedMálaga is a lively city. Its streets and plazas are bursting with activities every minute of the day. Due to this outdoor lifestyle, the people from Málaga tend to be open and friendly by nature. Talking with them will enrich your experience, as they will share with you the city’s most eccentric folktales.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the night-time terraces while admiring the marvellous views that the city has to offer. Without a shadow of a doubt, speaking Spanish will make you immerse yourself in these activities completely.

Terrazas MálagaMálaga has a strong local culture, which can also be seen in the way of speaking of its people. There are many local words and expressions that will be very useful to you during your stay. For instance, you will be offered the typical pitufo (literally ‘smurf’) during breakfast time in any café. A pitufo is a small kind of sandwich that is named after the little blue creatures and it is today the most popular breakfast in Málaga’s cafés.


Desayunos MálagaAnother interesting thing to mention is the different ways of ordering coffee depending on the amount of milk you want. Some of the most popular are the mitad (50% milk and 50% coffee), cortado (70% milk and 30% coffee) sombra (a smaller amount of coffee than the cortado) or nube (an even smaller amount of coffee than the sombra). Find out more about how to start your day with a real breakfast from Málaga.

These are just some of the reasons why learning Spanish in Málaga will boost your language learning. Make studying Spanish an unforgettable experience. Come to Málaga!

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