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Performing arts: route to enjoy the theatre in Málaga



Performing arts: route to enjoy the theatre in Málaga

From the world of puppetry theatre classics and alternative plays, Málaga raises the curtain and invites the public to attend performances for all tastes 365 days a year

The city is nourished by numerous venues that celebrate the performing arts by the hand of established performers and also by new talents who enliven the stages.

The Teatro Cervantes and the Echegaray, the Teatro Soho CaixaBank, the Teatro Cánovas or La Caja Blanca is just some of them and all of them have something in common: a calendar full of events.

Great theatre seasons

For true fans of the genre, it is essential to consult the agenda of the Teatro Cervantes, one of the classics, located in the heart of the historic centre. One of the most outstanding events is the Theatre Festival - held every year between January and February - where the main national companies raise the curtain with daily performances. Another cycle of interest is the Lyric Season or the Jazz Festival -in November-, dance cycles and a wide variety of Christmas shows, all without neglecting a single genre, from Zarzuela to situation comedies or musicals.

In the heart of the historic centre is the other half of this theatrical tandem: the Teatro Echegaray, the ideal place for children and adults alike. Its children's programme - with performances every Sunday morning - is perfectly complemented by daring and ingenious proposals for adults, with special attention to new directors and performers from Málaga.

Others, such as the Teatro Cánovas, just a few steps from the historic centre, or La Caja Blanca, in the Teatinos area, open their doors to children's audiences, also catering to the stage proposals of the youngest. Also in this area, Teatinos, is the Teatro ESAD (Higher School of Dramatic Art,) an opportunity if you want to know more about local theatre in Málaga.

Since 2019, the Teatro Soho Caixabank, captained by Antonio Banderas, has joined the map of Málaga's performing arts. A completely renovated space that explores new formats and stands out for its impressive music shows. As its name suggests, it is located in the heart of the Soho Barrio de las Artes and is especially committed to its productions. This is combined with the training of the city's artists, in collaboration with drama and performing arts schools.

The most alternative theatre

Málaga also appeases the curiosity of those in search of more alternative and risky options. To the west of the capital is La Térmica, one of the most significant spaces on the city's creative map. Creativity is the hallmark of its shows, which feature theatrical performances and some of the biggest names on the national and local scene, as well as educational activities such as theatrical workshops. Nearby is La Cochera Cabaret, which defines itself as a theatre, music and monologue venue that is committed to the local audience with large doses of comedy.

For those who want to experience local theatre in an intimate and intimate format, all they have to do is sit in the seats of the sala Joaquín Eléjar, run by the cultural collective Maynake. Its programme includes adaptations of Spanish classics such as Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla, performances by local theatre associations and readings of children's stories.

A complete and perfect agenda for those looking for surprise, drama or contagious laughter in a night of theatre with Málaga DNA.

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