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Parks and trekking routes in Malaga to enjoy with your family



Parks and trekking routes in Malaga to enjoy with your family

Malaga is located in a privileged spot, between the sea and the mountains, increasing the number of activities to do with your family

Nature lovers will find there are many fun options for the little ones to have a great time while exercising.

The city offers easy paths and tracks in amazing spots like the Natural Park of Los Montes de Málaga, just a few miles away from the city. You can also visit the river mouth of Guadalhorce or the Gibralfaro Hilltop. In addition, many more green areas that will help you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.

Los Montes de Málaga

The Natural Park of Los Montes de Malaga is an extension of 4.996 hectares. It has many tracks and paths that are not difficult to navigate and can be walked with your family. We can highlight the easy path of Torrijos, a lineal route that starts at the Ecomuseum Lagar de Torrijos - a building that houses all the tools used years ago to harvest sweet wine, olive oil and bread - and finishes at the Lagar de Santillana, which only has its exterior façade.

Another track with easy access is the one of Umbría de Contadoras, that starts at the Llano de Las Contadoras all the way down to the oriel of Francisco Vázquez Sell, with great panoramic views of Malaga.

If you visit the park you can’t miss seeing emblematic historic buildings like the Hotel Humaina, the already mentioned Eco-Museum Lagar de Torrijos or the Nature Class of Las Contadoras, that offers the possibility of participating in activities related to nature.

There are also many oriels, where you can spòt different singular views, recreational areas with barbecues, water, bathrooms, trash cans and picnic tables, that can be used during the month when it’s not restricted because of fire hazards.

Gibralfaro Hilltop

Only a few short minutes away from the old town of Malaga, we can find the hilltop of Gibralfaro, with a height of 130 meters, and where nature, history and culture meet. Its pathways are easy to access and walk through them. One of them even offers an incredible sight of the city with the sea as its backdrop. You can spot relevant buildings like the Bullfight Ring of La Malagueta, the harbor, and the Paseo del Parque. Another option is the path surrounding the walls of the castle, which descends into the Mundo Nuevo streets, near the centric square of La Merced.

River mouth of Guadalhorce

The natural park of the river mouth of Guadalhorce goes in between the two branches of the river, over 67 hectares of its riverbed. It is equipped with observatories and easy oaths to walk by the river. It’s an ideal place to spot migrating birds as they stop there on their way to Gibraltar.

You can also find the bride that goes over the river. It is 270 meters long and 3 meters wide, this wooden structure has become a new tourist attraction in Malaga.

West Park

Located close-by to the beach of Misericordia, the West Park is a great place to enjoy with your family. It has a great lake of 11.000 m2, with ducks and lilypads, mythological and fantastical statues. In addition, it has football courts, basketball courts, sports facilities and a kids playground of 400 meters. It als has ample green spaces.

Huelin Park

On the beach promenade of Antonio Banderas you can find the Huelin Park, at the namesake neighborhood. This park has an extension of 32.000 m2 with broad green spaces, a big central lake, with an island in the middle, palm trees and a traditional fishing boat. One of the sides has an artificial stream with a small wooden bridge. It has a space for kids, with statues that emulate big birds and sports courts.

Film Park

The Malaga Film Park is inspired by this seventh art, and it’s considered a unique place because of it. Located in the residential neighborhood of Teatinos, it has innovative features for the younguests of the family, with colorful movie motifs. Perfect to enjoy a movie-like day!

Coast Park

In Villanueva de Algaidas street, on Malaga’s west side, the playground for this park it’s particular because of its artificial small hill, that has a small oriel, and a metal structure with a height of 5 meters that has three slides. One of the places where the youngest ones in the family will have so much fun. Nearby you can find the beach of Sacaba, with restaurants and a sea promenade where you can watch sunsets by the water with your family.

Forest Park of El Morlaco

The forest park of El Morlaco is a green lung for the city. Inside you can find two areas for dogs, one for small dogs (less than 10kg) and one for big dogs. There’s also a double use water fountain for dogs and humans, located near the kids playground, near tables, benches and bins.

Park of La Virreina

A natural setting with more than 408.900 m2, in the north of the city. It has 8 oriels, picnic areas and tracks for walking. There’s a great diversity of plant species, with many pine trees, carob trees etc.