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Nativity Scenes Route: the most special Christmas tradition to complete your perfect plan



Nativity Scenes Route: the most special Christmas tradition to complete your perfect plan

Christmas in Málaga offers you an infinite number of options for you to enjoy it to the full

One of the most special traditions of Christmas in Málaga is its nativity scenes, recreations of the birthplace where Jesus was born. These scenes are recreated with such care and attention to detail that they seem to come to life. In them, you can find pieces of different origins that become true works of art in themselves.

The different local groups are involved in the elaboration of these recreations, while young and old alike are amazed at the level of detail.

This year, 81 nativity scenes can be visited in Málaga, made by different institutions and groups in the city, such as churches, brotherhoods and confraternities, neighbourhood associations and clubs, as well as those made by the districts.

But if you come to enjoy this wonderful tradition, this route allows you to explore the city and get to know the many nooks and crannies and charms of this special time of year. It also offers you the chance to do other activities, such as stopping to enjoy a good snack in any of the city's cafés or bakeries (who can resist a hot chocolate with churros!) visiting a museum between nativity scenes, doing your Christmas shopping in shops and markets or dancing to the rhythm of the music of the Christmas light show.

Now all you have to do is choose which nativity scenes you want to visit, plan your route and decide what plans you want to complete your most special day. Can we help you? Here you can see the complete map of the locations of the nativity scenes and the complete guide to Nativity Scenes 2022 this Christmas so you don't miss anything.

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