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Malaga’s Flavors: the dishes you cannot miss



Malaga’s Flavors: the dishes you cannot miss

Through its gastronomy, from current and always, the capital opens a window to its history and culture, inviting guests to have a good bite of the local cuisine through its dishes

Getting to know Málaga is tasting its local wines and cheeses, trying its famous grilled sardines by the sea, having the traditional spoon dishes or discovering innovative cuisine by visiting its famous restaurants.

Grilled Sardines, an icon of the beaches of Málaga.

Grilled Sardines are the gastronomic icon of the city. This unique way of cooking the sardines is originally from Málaga and perfect for a summer lunch. From Huelin to further down El Palo, almost all the restaurants have the recognizable boats where the main characters are this fish, the cane, the embers, and a bunch of salt.

You can only taste it´s result when visiting the wonderful fish market. The golden rule for locals is to eat this fish in the months that don't have an “r”, although it's always good to try this delight.

Fried fish and shellfish, a must in every beach restaurant.

Apart from the best known dishes, there’s a full list of references that will make your mouth water with just mentioning them. The tasty fried squids and anchovies or the fine shells seasoned with lemon and pepper. The coast of Málaga offers many options of sea based recipes.

From the coast to the orchard

Your tastebuds will continue their journey from the coast of Málaga to the countryside and its orchards. There, you will find delicious avocados and mangos, from the area of Axarquía. You can also taste a classic salad of Málaga, with juicy oranges, onion, olives, baked potatoes or boiled eggs.

This recipe can vary, depending on the region. The tomatoes are also a main ingredient, whether it is on a fresh gazpacho or the traditional “porra antequerana”

Traditional soups from Málaga

Ajoblanco or white-garlic is another of the city's most traditional dishes. passing through generations until becoming one of the most popular. Almonds are the key ingredient, accompanied by moscatel grapes.

Although it's not a summer dish, the ‘pintarroja’ soup is another of the traditional dishes of Málaga. This spicy recipe is considered a great gastronomic creation in the area. You can usually find it in the old town’s most iconic restaurants and taverns, from Santa María street to the paths near the Pasaje de Chinitas.

Stews are also for summer

Equally, meat-lovers find in garlic seasoned goat the answer to all their cravings. It’s an easy way to prepare this delicious and juicy meat, as Málaga can brag of having one of the best species of goat in the world.

Many road stops through Los Montes offer this dish, which has its variations, like goat liver parfait seasoned with moscatel wine.