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Malaga’s cuisine seduces the palate



Malaga’s cuisine seduces the palate

A city rich in culture is a city rich in flavour. And this is clearly demonstrated by Malaga.

Malaga’s history, its tradition and the civilisations that have inhabited it over the years have created a hallmark of the land that is clearly reflected in the city’s cuisine.

Land and sea come together to provide the people of Malaga and its visitors with the highest-quality products based on a Mediterranean diet, while still hinting at the different cultures that have passed through the city.

Malaga’s culinary tradition is, without a doubt, another part of the great heritage that this city has to offer. Its cuisine is thus a perfect complement to the city’s museums and cultural and tourism offerings.

It is also increasingly common for a city’s cuisine to be a major motivation in and of itself when choosing a travel destination. Culinary tourism is booming, and Malaga’s cuisine is seducing the palate of people from all over the world.

The coast of Malaga

If you walk along the coast of Malaga you will find a large number of terraces and beach bars where you can enjoy the most amazing flavours the sea has to offer. Sardines, pescaíto frito (fried fish) and seafood, along with rice and grilled meat, are the main dishes usually found on the menus of these establishments. Moreover, Malaga’s favourable climate means you can enjoy these places any day of the year.

But Malaga’s culinary tradition goes beyond the sea. Fresh dishes such as ensalada malagueña (Malaga-style salad), or an avocado and Huevo de Toro tomato salad; warming dishes such as the traditional gazpachuelo soup, berza malagueña (Malaga-style collard greens stew), or a cazuela de fideos (noodle stew); and delicious meats such as suckling goat, oxtail, or sirloin steak in a Pedro Ximénez sherry reduction, among many other options, all form a part of Malaga’s wide and varied cuisine.

The sweet component to this food tour is provided by local delicacies such as the famous tortas locas (custard pastries), roscos de vino (wine doughnuts) and borrachuelos (pastry parcels filled with pumpkin purée). The wide variety of flavours will satisfy the tastes and delight the palate of all visitors, while simultaneously teaching them something about Malaga’s history.