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Malaga for the whole family



Malaga for the whole family

For those who want to enjoy Malaga as a family, the city offers numerous activities that are adapted to all ages.

A visit to the Alcazaba or Gibralfaro Castle is a very recommendable option, and this location that is so loaded with history also offers wonderful views.

Built in the 14th century, the Gibralfaro Castle crowns the city of Malaga at an altitude of 130 metres from the top of the mountain to which it owes its name. At one time, this fortress was considered one of the most impregnable in the Peninsula.

The Alcazaba, located at the foot of Gibralfaro Castle and linked to it by a corridor protected by walls called La Coracha, was built by the Muslims between 1057 and 1063. This is an ideal place for the youngest members of the family to explore the history of this fortification and create their own story.

A walk through the historical centre allows visitors to discover monuments such as the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación or the Roman Theatre, places that will be enjoyed by the whole family. In addition, in Calle Beatas you will find the Interactive Museum of Music Malaga, a space where the little ones are guaranteed to have fun.

Likewise, strolling through the Palmeral de las Sorpresas; shopping at Muelle Uno by the sea, or spending a day at the La Concepción Botanical Gardens or at the Metropolitano Comandante Benítez Forest Park, are magnificent activities that should not be missed.

Also, if time permits, visiting the wide beaches that line the city's bay is a perfect option for spending a day out with the family. And remember, it doesn't have to be summer to enjoy a visit to these areas, and you can walk and play on the sand at any time.