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Málaga, A Writer’s Muse



Málaga, A Writer’s Muse

Through stories created and set in the city, readers have a great opportunity to get to know Málaga

Málaga has been the inspiration for many writers, with many novels set in its streets. Here you are a list of examples you can read that include the city as one of the protagonists of the story.

‘Sur’ by Antonio Soler

Published in 2018, this is one of the author´s best known novels. The plot is set on a summer's day in Málaga, with the reader discovering many hidden corners of the city. At the dawn of a torrid August day in 2016, the body of a man covered in ants appears on a field in the capital. This unleashes the narrative, recounting the day to day life of the city and its motley reality.

Juan Gómez-Jurado´s 'Loba Negra'

‘Loba negra’ is the sequel to ‘Reina Roja’, the thriller where Juanm Gómez-Jurado introduced us to the odd pair of Antonia Scott and Jon Gutiérrez. Published in 2019, the two characters find themselves, once again, in an investigation that will put them in life threatening situations. The pair will try to solve a crime set on a shopping center in the city. The story takes the reader through different locations in the capital, and there's even a point where it's explained how to order a coffee or a sandwich in Málaga.

‘El camino de los ingleses’ by Antonio Soler

Another novel by Antonio Soler, it won the Nadal Award in 2004, with Antonio Banderas making the film adaptation in 2006.

Set in 1978´s Málaga, it is the story of a group of teenage friends in their transition into adulthood; they are at that point in their lives when dreams start to crumble, and the comforts of a care-free life disappear into clouds of uncertainty.

'El alquimista impaciente' by Lorenzo Silva

A suspenseful novel published in 2011, with Málaga as its destination.

In a motel near Guadalajara, the body of engineer Trinidad Soler, a respectable family man, is positioned in a less than honorable manner.

Rubén Bevilacqua, sargent of the Guardia Civil, and his second, Virginia Chamorro, will have to solve this case, were the victim’s secret life will unveil a thick plot of money, prostitution and sketchy business deals that go from Madrid to Málaga, from Guadalajara to Costa del Sol.

Clara Peñalver´s ‘Las voces de Carol’

Published in 2018, this book tells the story of the death of Abril Zondervan, a famous international writer that shows up dead at her home in Málaga with no apparent signs of violence.

Inspector Carol Medina is the one that leads this case, full of artists, plot twists and surprises that take this thriller’s readers through a winding journey that only ends with an unexpected ending.

‘La habitación 352’ by Juan José Díaz Téllez

The writer from Malaga published this thriller in 2013. It tells the story of Jaime, a paparazzi that is used to ending up in uncomfortable situations, all to get the best and most scandalous shot.

One day he meets Gloria at the lobby of the city’s most luxurious hotel, a girl that nobody remembers after she disappears leaving no trace.

'El salto de la encantada' written by Enrique García Lucena

'El salto de la encantada', recently published, details the journey of an American through Málaga as he searches for ancestor references, and how he falls in love with a local girl. It has 26 chapters and is written in the same style of travel novels, where the focus is firstly set on his intentions, which change when love appears.

Miguel Ángel Oeste’s Arena

Published in 2020, this novel is set in 1992's Malaga. Readers are introduced to Bruno, a character whose life consists of warm beers, Vespas, laying on the sand and knowing nothing good is going to come out of his teenage years. Although his father insists he should sign up for law school and leave comics and novels behind, neither his friends or family set a good example for him. Bruno will have to choose his own path without his family.

‘Cuartos Oscuros’ by Juan Madrid

Juan Madrid, a journalist and writer from Málaga, published in 2005 this novel set in the capital. Student Tomás receives a letter from Málaga’s Prison where his father tells him he wants to meet after he escapes from there. Tomás doesn’t hesitate twice and he takes his backpack and makes his way out from his house in Vallecas. But what seemed easy at first turns into a nightmare, as he has to survive in the street and all the threats he encounters. At the same time, his dad tries to escape, with the police catching him soon afterwards.