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Love for art: a route through the Málaga of museums



Love for art: a route through the Málaga of museums

Málaga is a city that breathes art and culture

This Mediterranean city was the birthplace of one of the great names of 20th century art: Pablo Ruiz Picasso. There are several museums around the figure of the genius who revolutionized figurative art.

But if something distinguishes Málaga is its variety: archeology, local art, Andalusian customs, contemporary art... These are some of the museums in Málaga that you can not miss.

Museo Casa Natal de Picasso

In 1881, a genius who would change the world of art was born in a building in Plaza de la Merced: Pablo Ruiz Picasso. This house is now a museum that houses the family's personal and original objects, as well as a wonderful collection of the artist's works, such as preparatory notebooks for such transcendental works as Las señoritas de Avignon.

The space is completed with a reading room, a specialized library and a large catalog of art magazines. It also organizes a wide variety of cultural activities and temporary exhibitions.

Address: Plaza de la Merced, 15

Museo Picasso Málaga

The painter is also the protagonist of another of the essential museums in Málaga: the Picasso Museum. Here you can admire a permanent collection that covers eight decades of his artistic production. You can contemplate his works in the 11 rooms of the museum, where in addition to his paintings, you will enjoy works of various disciplines.

Another essential of this museum is its temporary exhibitions, which has brought to Málaga contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol or Giacometti.

It is located in the Buenavista Palace, a magnificent example of Andalusian architecture of the sixteenth century. This Renaissance building with Mudejar elements and other modern architecture also has an auditorium where all kinds of events are held.

Address: Calle San Agustín, 8

Centre Pompidou Málaga

Málaga is an international city in many areas, especially when it comes to art. One of the examples is the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the first venue of this space outside France whose idea is to offer the public a tour of reference works from the collection of the Parisian center.

It is located in a space known as 'El Cubo', designed by architects Javier Perez and Juan Antonio Marin. The space programs an interesting variety of exhibitions and multidisciplinary activities for adults and families, making it one of the most interesting enclaves of the city.

In addition to its semi-permanent collection, the space presents several temporary exhibitions a year.

Address: Edificio El Cubo, Muelle Uno

Colección del Museo Ruso

Colección del Museo Ruso is a municipal cultural center that exhibits works of Russian art of the highest level. It is located in the historic building of the old tobacco factory (considered one of the best examples of the regionalist style built in the 1920s).

It currently maintains its agenda of activities including cinema, family activities and other art-related events. In addition, it is preparing its next exhibition in which works from the Picasso Birthplace Museum will be exhibited.

Thus, the doors will reopen at the end of the month with an exhibition on Picasso made up of works and artistic pieces from the Casa Natal's collection.

Address: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15. En el Edificio de Tabacalera

Museo Carmen Thyssen

In the historic center of Málaga is the Carmen Thyssen Museum. It is another of the great museums of Málaga located in the palace of Villalon, a jewel of the sixteenth century. As a curiosity, and as in other old buildings in Málaga, Roman remains have been found in the subsoil.

This is a journey through the different genres of Spanish and Andalusian painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It does so through 285 works that are part of the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza collection. In addition, the Museo Carmen Thyssen has a floor dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

If you visit Málaga and want to know the best sample of Andalusian painting of the nineteenth century, this is one of the essential stops

Address: Calle compañía, 10

Museo de Málaga

It is one of the essential museums for those seeking to discover the history and local art. This center offers an impressive collection of Málaga's artistic schools, especially from the 19th century, with works by Pablo Picasso, Antonio Muñoz Degrain and Enrique Simonet, among many other artists.

It is located in the Palacio de la Aduana, which is why the locals know it as the "museum of the Aduana", it is the great unknown of the city.

It currently has more than 15,000 archaeological references and a pictorial collection of 2,000 works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Museum of Málaga is the largest museum in Andalusia and the fifth largest in Spain.

Address: Plaza de la Aduana

CAC Málaga

The CAC Málaga is always synonymous with avant-garde and the most groundbreaking art. It is located in the old Wholesale Market of Málaga, a building declared of Cultural Interest, and disseminates contemporary art through exhibitions, publications, conferences, educational programs, workshops and seminars, among others.

Painting, photography, sculpture or video-creation are just some of the formats in which the works come to life and are exhibited before the public, provoking impact and proposing reflection to visitors.

The museum takes a journey through the artistic movements and trends of the twentieth century. In particular, it focuses on the period from the 1950s to the present, although always in constant evolution

Address: Calle Alemania S/N