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Light, sound and lots of flavour: this is how to experience the magic of Christmas in Málaga



Light, sound and lots of flavour: this is how to experience the magic of Christmas in Málaga

Málaga lives Christmas through the lights of infinite colours, traditional Christmas carols echoing around the corners and the aroma of ‘borrachuelos’ and ‘polvorones’ whetting the appetite of those with a sweet tooth

The capital enjoys one of the most special times of the year with unique decorations, the sea breeze, the flavour of the typical products of these dates and numerous Christmas markets where crafts, toys and cotton candy are mixed.

Switching on the Christmas lights

The switching on of the Christmas lights in Calle Larios officially inaugurates this season. Thousands of lights stretch along the spine of the historic centre, creating a unique atmosphere. The illumination also extends to the Alameda Principal, the Soho Barrio de las Artes, the Port of Málaga and Muelle Uno, as well as other areas of the city.

A vision that is completed with a route through the Christmas trees located in different parts of the capital of Málaga, from Alcazabilla Street and Plaza de la Constitución to Huelin Park - in the western part of the city - or Enrique García Square.

And to top it all off, among the essential plans in the Christmas calendar is a visit to the Nativity Scenes, with an official route of Nativity Scenes (añadir enlace cuando esté) among which are some as popular as the Nativity Scene at the Town Hall or the one at the Cathedral of La Encarnación.

This is what Christmas sounds like in Málaga

Music also forms part of the Christmas calendar with a programme of concerts both in the streets of the city and in theatres. These include performances by the Málaga Opera Choir and the Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra, especially the New Year's Concert at the Cervantes Theatre.

Tradition in its purest sense is also present with the celebration of the Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales, which is held on 28 December every year in the Málaga neighbourhood of Puerto de la Torre. This is a unique opportunity to see firsthand the uniqueness of this historic traditional dance from Málaga, one of the city's main cultural expressions. Songs and dances are accompanied by the Christmas atmosphere and local wines.

Toasting one of them, whether sweet or dry, is a craving that many have been waiting for all year. There is no need to wait until New Year's Eve dinner to take advantage of the occasion and combine sweet and savoury recipes, especially the traditional ones of this time of year, such as ‘mantecados,’ ‘alfajores’ or ‘roscones de vino.’

The Three Kings Cavalcade

On the afternoon of 5 January, the city hosts the Three Wise Men Parade, a parade of floats, sweets and confetti in which Their Majesties of the East parade through the streets of the city. This is one of the most important days for the little ones at home, who enjoy the illusion of seeing the Three Wise Men, the prelude to a night when they will receive traditional gifts.

In the days leading up to the event, it is common to find some of their pages - special envoys of the Three Wise Men - in shopping centres to collect letters from children asking for gifts.

Other Christmas activities with a Málaga stamp

For Christmas lovers who want to get their presents just right on the night of the Three Wise Men, flea markets are essential allies. Numerous stalls are full of handicrafts, toys, garlands, wooden figures ideal for decorating, typical sweets and, of course, traditional music. The main market is located on Paseo Parque and is one of the oldest in the city.

Málaga's art galleries, such as the Picasso Museum in Málaga, also offer the opportunity to participate in creative activities, from free concerts to children's workshops in a festive spirit. So, after enjoying the new proposals and a good stroll around all the stalls, a snack of chocolate and churros and continue enjoying special moments.