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Graffiti route: a stroll through Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes



Graffiti route: a stroll through Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes

Urban art has its exponent in a specific area that has undergone a real transformation in recent years: Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes.

This area, located between the old town and the port, has an intense cultural and leisure activity, although it is worth touring it to admire its graffiti. We suggest a route through this authentic open-air museum.

A neighborhood in full bloom

Sheltered by the Contemporary Art Center (in Spanish Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, CAC Málaga), Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes is known as the neighborhood of the arts. This area not only offers art in its streets, it also offers visitors many leisure and dining options. Undoubtedly, a paradise for street & urban fashion lovers.

The Soho Theater and the art galleries complete a cultural proposal that has only grown in recent years. It is also possible to find a wide variety of restaurants with modern cuisine, craft beers and charming local businesses.

Obey, D*Face, Roa, Belin, Flatxl o Dal East

The transformation of Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes arose with the MAUS project (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho), thanks to which the neighborhood was revitalized through art. Through the works of urban artists, it was transformed into an open-air art gallery.

Urban art artists from all over the world have captured their art in the murals of Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes. If you walk through it, you can even scan the QR code next to the works to learn more about them.

Obey, D*Face, Roa, Belin, Flatxl or Dal East are some of the creators whose imprint is visible in the streets of this lively neighborhood. It is also possible to find works by famous urban art artists such as Boa Mistura, Aryz, Remed, Okuda, Dal East, Faith 47, TVBoy, Bisser. As for local artists, Málaga artists such as Doger and Dreucol have also filled these streets with color with their work.

Where to find the murals of Soho Málaga, Barrio de las Artes

From the Guadalmedina River or the Alameda Principal it is possible to observe some of these great murals. Once you dive into the streets of the Barrio de las Artes, we recommend passing through Casas de Campos, Tomás Heredia, Martínez Campos, Duquesa de Parcent and Comandante Benítez.

The essentials:

  • Boamistura: Colegio García Lorca- Calle San Lorenzo
  • Pejac C/ Tomás Heredia 15
  • Manuel león C/ Duquesa de Parcent 12
  • Andi rivas Parking de C/ Alemania
  • Roa C/ Casas de Campo
  • Dadi dreucol C/ Tomás Heredia 12
  • Faith47 Alameda Principal 47
  • Dal east Alameda Principal 25
  • D*face C/ Comandante Benítez 14
  • Obey C/ Comandante Benítez 14- C/ Barroso 7
  • Felipe pantone Puente del Perchel
  • Okuda & remed C/ Martínez Campos (Hotel Bahía Málaga)
  • Ben eine Río Guadalmedina
  • ARYZ C/ Barroso (Hotel Bahía Málaga)
  • Abraham lacalle C/ Comandante Benítez 14
  • Kenny scharf Río Guadalmedina

Murals and streets:

  • Guadalmedina River, free murals
  • Guadalmedina River, KENNY SCHARF
  • C/ Tomás Heredia, 15. Pejac
  • C/vMartínez Campos, Okuda y Remed
  • Tomás Heredia St., Peace de Obey
  • Alameda Principal, 25. Deal East.
  • Simonet St., free murals
  • C/ Casas de Campos, free murals

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