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Disconnect to reconnect: the quietest side of Málaga



Disconnect to reconnect: the quietest side of Málaga

The city has many spaces and moments that you can enjoy and savour slowly and unhurriedly

Málaga is a city that can be experienced in every possible way. Its hallmarks are full of dynamism and activity, but there's also many spaces for you to relax and disconnect. Join us on our trip to the quietest side of Málaga!

Montes de MalagaImmerse yourself in the peacefulness of nature

The peacefulness of the plants, the colours of the flowers, the sound of the water… Visiting the Historical-Botanical Garden La Concepción is a must for nature lovers and it is an experience that will delight all your senses. The Garden has a wide range of plants from all over the world. Many weekends there are family-friendly activities so that the little ones can immerse themselves in nature in its purest form.

In addition, just a few kilometers away from the city you will find Montes de Málaga, a natural park where you can reconnect with nature and with the most ancestral traditions. Find out more about the lungs of this city here.


Playa Peñon Cuervo BicicletaCycling routes in the city

Spring is the perfect season to explore the city by bike. Málaga has many bike rental companies and numerous cycle paths that connect different tourist attractions. You can go anywhere: from visiting the areas around the old town to going to the east or to the west part of the city, exploring Málaga’s surroundings. Wherever you go, you will discover new and unexpected charming spots.




Playa ArañaBeach day

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself, and beaches are the perfect place to do so. The clocks stop when you hear the sound of waves, swim in the Mediterranean Sea and lie on the sand to recharge your batteries. The beaches of Sacaba or Guadalmar, on the western edge of the city, are ideal to relax, as they are less crowded and quieter. You can discover many other plans to enjoy at the beach here.




Ensaladilla PimpiSlowly savouring Málaga’s gastronomy

The local gastronomy is cooked on low heat and with love. Furthermore, it should be slowly savoured, so that you can really relish every bite. Málaga offers a delicious trip through its gastronomy: from its seafood-based cuisine to its inland cuisine, where local wines and confectionery are a highlight in its cultural gastronomy.








Playa Barrio PedregalejoThe seafaring side of Málaga

The seafaring neighborhoods of Pedralejo and El Palo are a must if you want to enjoy the quietest side of Málaga. Located in the eastern part of the city, these neighborhoods have managed to keep their essence and their traditional lifestyles. You will find numerous chiringuitos (beach restaurants) and restaurants where you can taste the best fresh fish and shellfish of Málaga’s coast. Moreover, its beaches are perfect to disconnect and to enjoy the sunlight and the sea.



Culture and family walks

Málaga is an excellent destination to travel with family. You will discover many parks and spaces to enjoy with the little ones. The Huelin Park is one of the most popular ones: it has a playground area, sport courts and a picnic area. We also recommend a walk around the Port of Málaga, where you can enjoy a boat trip or a stroll around Muelle Uno. If you are on the lookout for relishing culture with your family, don’t hesitate to take a look at the programming of theatres like the Echegaray or the Cánovas, both with interesting options for children.