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Carnival, carnival!



Carnival, carnival!

Carnival is one of the most intense festivals in Málaga’s calendar, a festival that can be felt in the theatres, associations and streets of the city.

Miguel Gutiérrez, the herald for the 2022 Carnival of Málaga, in his opening speech for this great festival, acknowledged that when February arrives he gets a pinch in his heart. The health worker and comparsista from Málaga likes to write to Málaga, because when he closes his eyes "I see the woman I used to love".

And no wonder. The festival of Don Carnal is one of the most enjoyed ones in the city of Málaga at all levels and in all age groups, whether through the lyrics and music of the groups - in the theatre or in the street -, the costumes or the burial of the boquerón (as it could not be otherwise in Málaga).

The first big moment of this celebration in the capital is the Concurso de Agrupaciones del Carnaval (COAC), (Carnival associations contest), which every year brings to the stage dozens of groups whose lyrics of protest and social complaint become true anthems. Once the grand final of the contest has been held on the stages of the Teatro Cervantes, where the troupes 'Los Patronos', the murga 'De Bar en Peor' and the quartet 'La Banda Fongirola' won this year, the great Carnival parade and the election of the God and Goddess take place through the streets of the centre.

Afterwards, children take centre stage with their traditional parade and the rain of coloured papers that fills the streets of Málaga every year to culminate the first week of this celebration prior to Easter.

On Friday 4 March, the carnival faced the final stretch. From 6 p.m. onwards, the parade of animation groups and gods of this year's edition took place. Shortly afterwards, at 20:30 hours, Calle Larios hosted the traditional Battle of Flowers and the day ended with the 2022 Drag Queens  gala.

On Sunday 6th from 12 noon onwards there were performances in La Constitución Square, such as the presentation and potpourri contest. There was also a prize-giving ceremony for the best costume in the Concurso de Agrupaciones del Carnaval (COAC) and the Gran Boqueroná was held.

In the afternoon, the grand finale of this great festival took place: the Burial of the Boquerón. The route of the procession started at Calle Larios and, via the Marqués de Larios roundabout, it headed towards La Marina Square, Manuel Agustín Heredia Avenue, Puerta de las Columnas del Puerto de Málaga, Palmeral de las Sorpresas, Muelle Uno, Farola, Paseo de la Farola and Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla.

And so ended the 'Warm Winter' in Málaga, which gave way to the city's big week, Easter, and a new season: spring.