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Beyond exhibitions: the variety of cultural activities



Beyond exhibitions: the variety of cultural activities

The fact that Malaga is the city of museums is one of the reasons why thousands of visitors come to the city every year

However, the cultural venues of the capital of the Costa del Sol not only offer permanent and temporary exhibitions, but also an infinite number of alternative activities around or parallel to the different exhibitions.

In this post we tell you about some of the cultural options you can enjoy in our museums that offer more than just mere exhibitions.

To the beat of the music

One of the activities hosted by the different museum spaces in Malaga is music. The Contemporary Art Centre, the Russian Museum Collection in St. Petersburg, the Picasso Museum in Malaga and the Thyssen Museum in Malaga have a varied and extensive music programme as part of their schedules.

The art gallery in the Plaza Carmen Thyssen, which hosts performances by its own quartet, the programme from the Malaga Philharmonic, the Música en el Patio seasons (summer) and Pinceladas Musicales, as well as the introductory music courses at weekends, are all worth a mention.

We must not forget the Malaga Interactive Museum of Music (MIMMA), which hosts daily flamenco shows and music-related activities, such as concerts for children on weekends during the school season.

Dance also plays a huge role in the programme.


Our museums are big on cinema and their programmes include film seasons almost all year round. The Russian Museum Collection in St. Petersburg often hosts Russian film seasons, while others, such as the Thyssen, focus on “Cine Abierto” (Open-air cinema), the summer cinema at the Malaga Festival. The Malaga CAC also offers international film seasons with free admission.

Talks and conferences

Conferences, seminars and talks are very popular in Malaga's museums. The Malaga Contemporary Art Centre, the Thyssen Malaga Museum, the Russian Museum Collection, the Malaga Centre Pompidou and the Picasso Birthplace Museum all have this type of activity in their programmes, which range from talks related to the exhibitions they are hosting at any given time to seminars related to painters, works of art or related subjects.


Educational programmes are another central theme at our museums. While in summer the spaces are full of life in the summer camps or campuses, during the school term these cradles of culture present a line-up of activities for the smaller kids at weekends. Most of these activities focus on the temporary exhibitions that museums are hosting at the time, but they may vary depending on the current cultural panorama.

Shall we learn about art?

There is also plenty of room for adults in the museums’ cultural offer. The different spaces host workshops where you can learn different painting techniques, such as watercolour or oil painting, as well as to learn about sculpturing and architecture.

Other alternatives

Besides all the options above, some venues host forums on fashion (Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum), storytelling for children, or courses on different topics.

We suggest that, when you visit our city, you check out the programme of each of the museums to sign up for the activity you like best. You have so many options to choose from!