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A winter getaway in the Málaga sun



A winter getaway in the Málaga sun

Malaga is a destination that welcomes visitors warmly. And not only for its hospitality, but also for its extraordinary climate all year round. Winter in Málaga city is a winter of sunshine and spring-like temperatures, and full of vibrant options and plans to enjoy. Winter is a great time to make a getaway to Málaga. Here are five reasons why.


More than 300 days of sunshine

It couldn't be any other way. The sun will be a great companion throughout your stay in the city of Málaga; it is the capital of the Costa del Sol for a reason. The city's climate throughout the year can be defined as spring-like. The average annual temperature is around 18ºC, with highs of around 23ºC and lows of 13ºC. And the cold months are still warm, with an average maximum of 19ºC from November to March. All this with almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. Without a doubt, sunny plans are the better plans.

The sea as a protagonist

The sea in Málaga has a regulating effect on the climate, making it milder and giving us the very pleasant winters that we enjoy in the city. The Mediterranean Sea itself bathes the city's beaches at a truly privileged temperature. Did you know that its average annual temperature is 18.6°C, and that in winter it barely drops to 15.8°C? Winter bathing here is not for the brave, but for the lucky ones.

A dazzling culture

Today Málaga is the cultural capital city Spain and Europe are talking about. Its permanent offer of culture, art and history is among the most complete in the country. In addition to the leading museums such as the Picasso Museum, the Pompidou Centre and the Carmen Thyssen Málaga, the city has a wide variety of other attractions, some of which are as original and specialised as the Automobile and Fashion Museum. Of course, there are thirty or so museums to suit all artistic tastes. You'll be spoilt for choice.

Outdoor activities

Málaga is a fantastic destination to make winter a season full of life and outdoor activities. The ideal location of the city, between the Mediterranean and natural areas, allows you to enjoy many active tourism activities, hiking, cycling and other sporting activities and excursions to get to know the environment. In Málaga we don't know the word hibernate!

The pleasure of going shopping

Málaga has a magnificent range of shops in its streets and large shopping areas, some of them designed in open spaces such as Muelle Uno, ideal for enjoying the good weather even in winter.

Shopping in the centre of Málaga is an experience that combines shopping with a visit to a large pedestrian area full of monuments and unique places. Emblematic streets such as Larios Street offer travellers everything from traditional establishments to the most exclusive modern shops.