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Sacaba Beach - Beaches

Playa Sacaba

Sacaba Beach

The stretch of coastline that runs from the mouth of the Guadalhorce River to La Misericordia Beach is known as Sacaba. It is one of the quietest beaches in the western part of the city of Malaga, as it is surrounded by a former industrial estate which is now undergoing reconversion to low population density housing.

Sacaba is 750 m long and 60 m wide and only one residential development was built on it in the 1960s.

Services and amenities

  • Showers and footbaths
  • Daily cleaning
  • Security
  • Car parks
  • City buses
  • Hammock and beach umbrella rentals
  • Waste bins and containers
  • Vegetation
  • Access walkways
  • Snack bars (Beach bars)

Did you know?

The chimney of the old Los Guindos lead factory (1923) is popularly known as the Monica Tower. Early one morning in 1993, the tallest chimney on the western seaside promenade leading to Sacaba appeared with the name "Monica" written on it. The graffiti turned out to be a romantic message written by a lover to make up with his girlfriend. The mark of the teenage romance was erased when the chimney was refurbished and revealed who the real Monica and the anonymous author of

the city's most famous declaration of love were.


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