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El Dedo Beach - Beaches

Playa El Dedo

El Dedo Beach

El Dedo Beach, also known as Chanquete Beach, extends from the El Palo beaches and Gálica Stream up to El Candado Marina. It is a beach with a family atmosphere.

El Dedo or Chanquete Beach is 550 m long and 25 m wide. It is highly popular because El Tintero, one of the most famous beach bars along the Malaga coast due to its peculiar way of serving fish through an "auction", is located on it.

Places of interest

  • San Juan Cementery

Services and amenities

  • Showers
  • Daily cleaning
  • Security
  • Car parks
  • City buses
  • Life guards
  • Green areas
  • Hammock and beach umbrella rentals
  • Waste bins
  • Children's playground
  • Sports area
  • Snack bars (Beach bars)
  • Blue Flag

Did you know?

This beach came to be known as "El Dedo" or Finger Beach as a result of an anecdote involving king Alfonso XIII, who visited Malaga to see the damage caused by the 1884 earthquake. His Majesty was invited to taste the famous Malaga sardine skewers at a beach bar called "Migué er de la sardina" (Miguel the Sardine Man). When the king was about to use a knife and fork to eat, Migué approached him and candidly told the king, "Your Highness…, use your fingers!".


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