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El Candado Beach - Beaches

Playa El Candado

El Candado Beach

Situated between El Candado Marina and Peñón del Cuervo Beach, this short stretch of coastline takes its name from a residential development built in the 1960s to which the Sailing Club and its marina belong, one of the oldest on the Malaga coastline.

El Candado Beach measures 200 m in length and is 30 m wide. It is widely used by the marina's users.

Places of interest

  • El Candado Sailing Club

Services and amenities

  • Showers
  • Daily cleaning
  • Security
  • Car parks
  • City buses
  • Life guards
  • Hammock and beach umbrella rentals
  • Waste bins
  • Vegetation
  • Restaurants

Did you know?

"Espetos" or sardine skewers are the most typical dish in Malaga. They consist of skewering five or six whole salted sardines on a sharp wooden skewer to bring them close to olive wood embers, where the fish is slowly roasted. Master "espeteros" use small wooden boats which they fill with sand to prepare this delicious dish, which can be tasted at all the beach bars along the Malaga coastline.