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Spanish And Enology

Spanish And Enology

Spanish And Enology

Spanish Enology And Viticulture

Museum comprises more than 800m2 which houses both the exhibition and interpretive area, exhibiting more than 400 pieces of quality chromolithography, displayed in thematic order: bottle labels, advertising posters and prints for wines and grapes, barrel lids, sketches and profiles, wine cases and cane grape containers, and lithographic stones, all of which introduce the visitor to one of Malaga’s oldest traditions during the 19th and 20th century.

Programm Title:




Combination of Spanish language course with a cultural incentive:

Wine Museum and Spanish Schools

Regulatory Council of Wines of Malaga Origin

- Basic Course: Spanish Schools 20hrs/week

- Extended Course: Wine Museum. 8 hrs/week

- Theory Workshop & Wine – tasting.

Opening hours: Mornings

Complementary activities: Visit to Wine Museum

Type Of Courses:

A) Spanish and Enology Workshop

B) Spanish and Fun Workshop: “Blind” Wine-tasting

C) Spanish and Wine-tasting of Malaga wines: Comparison of wine-tasting