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Plaza del Siglo – Plaza del Carbón

Plaza del Siglo – Plaza del Carbón

Plaza del Siglo – Plaza del Carbón

This unique urban space resulting from the remodelling and standardisation of the pavement in the Spinola, Carbón and Siglo Squares, makes a pleasant interlude halfway between Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de la Constitución.

Here, and in the nearby streets, we can find typical examples of Málaga's regional architecture from the 18th century to the mid-20th century.

The Plaza del Siglo was opened in 1868 after the demolition of the convent of Santa Clara, founded in 1495. Next to this is the smaller Plaza del Carbón. Here the Antiguo Liceo Málaga still stands, an 18th century building with its characteristic balconies and wrought iron grilles.

Other buildings of note in the area are located in Calle Sánchez Pastor 9 and 12 and the building on Calle Granada 23, built in 1943 by José Joaquín González Edo.

As a symbolic element, the cloud made of points of light is reminiscent of the stream that ran down Calle Granada.

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