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Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución

The plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) has been the hub of Málaga's life from the time of the reconquest, when it was known as Four Street Square (Plaza de las Cuatro Calles). It was also known as Plaza Mayor (Main Square) until it was renamed in 1812 as Plaza de la Constitución.

Málaga City Council was located here until 1869, and the Casa del Corregidor (Mayor's House), the jail, the Audiencia, the convent of the Augustines and even other tourist points of interest such as the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País (Economic Foundation of the Friends of the Country) have all occupied buildings in the square

On one side, so as not to hinder the celebration of the many events held here, is the Fuente de Génova. Casetas (marquees) of the Feria de Málaga, the tribune of the authorities at Easter are some of the big events still hosted in Málaga's central square.

In 2003, the square –and Calle Larios, the city's main street which ends in the square– were made into pedestrian precincts, and this is a recommended spot for starting your walk through the Historic Quarter of Málaga.

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