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Pasaje de Chinitas

Pasaje de Chinitas

Pasaje de Chinitas

El Pasaje de Álvarez or Pasaje de Chinitas was named after Antonio M ª Álvarez, businessman and former civil and military governor of Málaga, who commissioned the building on the grounds of the dissolved Convento de las Agustinas. Of the old convent, founded in 1628, only the marble doorway that gave access to the Plaza de la Constitución was preserved.

Both the Passage's central patio, and the two axes that converge on it form a very unique arrangement of great visual impact when you look towards the side streets and the square through the entrance arch.


Since it was opened, the passage has always been one of the busiest centres of commercial activity. The Café de Chinitas that has now disappeared opened its doors here between 1857 and 1937. It was internationally famous, with a little help from references by Federico García Lorca (1898 - 1936) in his poem (El Café de Chinitas) dedicated to the bullfighter Paquiro. La Parrala, Juan Breva and La Niña de los Peines all sang in its theatre, a national benchmark for singing and dancing.

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