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Isabel Hurley Art Gallery

Galería Isabel  Hurley

Isabel Hurley Art Gallery

Isabel Hurley Art Gallery is an international, multicultural project aimed at promoting the work of both renowned and emerging artists whose works are part of top-rated public and private collections. Established in 2007, it has hosted 81 exhibitions so far, also attending the leading art events around the world – Zona Maco in Mexico, ARCO, Estampa and MadridFoto in Madrid, Volta and Pulse in New York, Hot Art in Basel and SWAB in Barcelona, among others. In addition, it publishes art journals, works with art critics, curators and organisations in a variety of projects, and offers consulting, artist-work connections and follow-up services aimed at boosting artists’ careers and promoting art collecting.

The exhibitions and activities at Isabel Hurley Art Gallery focus on all forms of contemporary creation, with special emphasis on image art and emerging technologies like augmented reality and NFTs, without neglecting traditional disciplines.

By organising various events, Isabel Hurley connects contemporary art agents to the public. It is also a discussion platform for new forms of management and contemporary manifestations of responsible creation, committed to the promotion of the values associated with the culture of peaceful coexistence and to the strengthening of the cultural fabric.

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