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Gravura Art Gallery and Workshop

Taller Gravura

Gravura Art Gallery and Workshop

Gravura was established by artist Paco Aguilar in 1981. Located in the Historic District, Gravura promotes chalcography by editing works on demand, organising workshops and other training activities, and staging exhibitions.

Partnering with artists on numerous occasions, Gravura has carried out many print editing projects whose results are now part of the gallery’s permanent collection.

At present, Gravura is managed by Paco Aguilar and Marian Martín, with the collaboration of Inmaculada Carrasco.

Exhibitions, which are staged on regular basis, are one of the main activities at the gallery. Most of them are focused on graphic art, prints or sculpture.

As to the workshops, they are organised by Gravura on its own or in association with other organisations. In addition, the gallery houses weekly open lessons. In July, for instance, there will be a workshop on intaglio printing techniques, to be conducted in El Torcal de Antequera Nature Park. This unrivalled setting is expected to take coexistence and creativity to the next level.

Since its inception, Gravura has offered a subscription option to buy works of art, which gives subscribers interesting benefits.
The gallery’s collection includes works by Paco Aguilar, José Faria, Enrique Brinkmann, Chema Lumbreras, Óscar Pérez Ocaña, María José Vargas Machuca, Michele Lehmann, Lorenzo Saval, Ángel Luis Calvo Capa, Francisco Peinado, Christian Bozon, Ana Bellido, Mari García, Nieves Galiot, Javier Roz, Natalia Resnik, José Antonio Diazdel, Rafael Alvarado, Sebastián Navas, José Ganfornina, Eryk Pall and Stefan Von Reiswitz.

Gravura has managed to keep its original spirit and dynamics, as imagined by Paco Aguilar, opening its doors to ideas, projects or activities that encourage creativity, especially in connection with chalcography and intaglio printing.

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