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Benedito Art Gallery

Benedito Gallery

Benedito Art Gallery

Benedito was established in 1985. Since then, it has held painting, sculpture and graphic art exhibitions regularly, focusing on contemporary art and exploring current trends.

Located in the Historic District, this gallery is a meeting point for artists and art lovers, filling Málaga’s life with art.
At Benedito they show works by both renowned and emerging artists with the aim of promoting quality art and culture.

The staff at Benedito are enthusiastic and hard-working, eager to bring art closer to every member of society. In addition to setting up exhibitions, they organise workshops, publish art books and offer personal advice to customers. They also run an online shop.

At Benedito they love their job as much as they love art. They say they cannot live without art – that nobody can, in fact. So they come to work every day to fill everyone’s lives with art and beauty, to support artists and culture wholeheartedly.

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