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Tourist routes


Tourist routes

Are you planning to stay in Malaga for only a few hours? Maybe two or three days? Do you like museums or natural spaces? Do you prefer the beach or are you more into partying? Do you enjoy shopping or discovering Malaga's more hidden corners?

No matter what you like or how many days you are in the city, you will find different routes and plans in this section so that you can make the most of your stay in the city. Mix and match them as you like!

Title: Malaga in 8 hours
Description: Tour of the main sights, museums, streets, gastronomic and shopping districts to see Málaga in 8 hours. 
Link: Málaga in 8 hours

Málaga in 8 hours

Title: Malaga in 2 days
Description: Tour of the main sights, museums, streets, gastronomic and shopping districts to discover Málaga in two days.
Link: Málaga in two days

Málaga in 2 days

Title: Malaga in 3 days
Description: Tour of the main sights, museums, streets, gastronomic and shopping districts to learn all about Málaga in three days.
Link: Málaga in 3 days

Málaga in 3 days

Title: Málaga Centro - Film Destination
Description: Discover the main film locations in the city of Málaga.
Link: Málaga Film Destination

Málaga destino de cine

Title: Málaga Natural Routes
Description: We hope that this guide offers information for easy and enjoyable getaways to different natural areas in our municipality for residents and visitors alike
Link: Malaga Natural Routes

Málaga Nature Routes

Title:  Beaches in Malaga
Description: You don't have to go very far in order to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach in Malaga. Our city is one of the few cities in the world that enjoy the privilege of having 15 outstanding urban beaches equipped with all kinds of services and amenities needed to enjoy them on any day and at any time with all kinds of quality, accessibility and safety guarantees. And they're right here, without having to go any further.

Málaga beaches

Title: Málaga Living Nature
Description: The city has many natural areas that offer another a different kind of tourism.  Málaga offers Parks and Natural Areas, ecomuseums, adventure tourism and more.
Link: living_nature.pdf

Málaga living nature

Title: Guide Map
Description: City map with tourist information.
Link: street_map_malaga.pdf

Málaga plano guía


Title: Málaga City of museums
Description: Enjoy the many, diverse museums; most of them are within the historic quarter.
Link: museums.pdf

Málaga museums

Title: Holy Week in Malaga 2024
Description: It is one of the main cultural events, religious and tourist attraction of Málaga
Link: Holy Week 2024; Official Timetable & Itineraries

holy week in malaga

Title: Málaga Discover Malaga
Description: For those who want a full sensory experience and a unique, different perspective of the most authentic Malaga, something off the beaten path.

Tabacalera Industrial Heritage
Soho Arts District
El Palo Neighborhoods
Malagueta Majestic and port

Title: Spanish in Malaga
Description: Málaga, thanks to its climate, its people and its infrastructure, is one of the leading destinations for teaching Spanish to foreigners.
Link: spanish_malaga.pdf

Málaga Learn Spanish

Title: European Capital of Smart Tourism
Description: Sustainability, Accessibility, Digitalization, Culture and Heritage. 
Link: smart_tourism.pdf

Málaga Smart Tourism

Title: Deluxe City Guide
Description: Deluxe City Guide 
Link: Deluxe City Guide

Málaga Deluxe

Title: History and Art
Description: History and art Málaga
Link: History_and_art

Málaga History Art

Title: Malaga gastronomy guide
Description: It is the cuisine of a region where the Mediterranean diet is very much a way of life, with foods and recipes from both land and sea
Link: Gastronomy_guide

Málaga Gastronomy