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Malaga City Adventures - Tourist guides

Malaga City Adventures

Malaga City Adventures

Your most fun holiday experience in Málaga

Pioneers in our field, we offer a new and different kind of walking tour in Málaga.

With Málaga City Adventures you will explore Málaga on a private sightseeing treasure hunt, solving fun riddles and looking for hidden clues.

The City Treasure Hunt takes you to all the top sights and cultural hotspots of Malaga, as well as to corners off the beaten track. (Alcazaba, Plaza Merced, Central food market, Cathedral, Park Area, Cervantes Theatre and many more...)

At the beginning of the tour our Event guide welcomes you with a short introduction and equips you with the treasure hunting material.

At each station you will solve a small riddle or a playful task to collect the clues that will lead you to the final station of your City Treasure Hunt, where you will find the lovely treasure. The riddles and tasks are not time-consuming, so you ´ll have enough time to look around and explore each place the treasure book leads you.

Including: treasure bag and material, bottle of water, private tour, passionate event guides

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