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The Port of Malaga is a modern and renovated space, but also closely linked to the maritime tradition of Malaga. As a Mediterranean city, it has historically been a vital point of commercial and local life and character.

The Port has climbed the ranks to become the second most important cruise port in the Iberian Peninsula, regularly welcoming the main global shipping lines. Malaga boasts the most modern maritime stations in the country and, above all, is just a stone's throw from the historic city centre.

For more information about the Port of Malaga, you can visit the website, with detailed information about the services, facilities and activities available at the port, providing travellers with a useful guide to get the most out of the port.


Customer assistance



Special Harbour Plan Management

Harbour Studies Institute


Maritime Headquarters

  • Estación Marítima, local P-02. 29071 Málaga
  • Telephone: 952 601 478 - 952 602 913
  • Fax: 952 215 519

Technical Assistance and Foreign Trade Inspection Centre (C.A.T.I.C.E.)

Marine Military Command

  • Paseo de la Farola, 11. 29016 Málaga
  • Telephone: 952 212 706
  • Fax: 952 016 235

Civil Guard Special Tax Corp

Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery

Main Customs Office

National Police

RENFE Freight

Border Inspection Point:

Phytopathological Inspection

Veterinary Inspection

Foreign Public Health


Aranda Tur, Juan Antonio

Cabeza Rivas, Francisco

González Carrión, Roberto

Herrero Maldonado, Carmen

Jiménez Jiménez, Alejandro

  • C/ Nabuco, 23 Poligono Industrial Alameda. 29006 Málaga
  • Teléfono: 952 262 708 - 952 040 092
  • Fax: 952 267 778

Mérida Ríos, Miguel de

Pérez Casero, Jerónimo

  • Estación Marítima, local E-06. 29001 Málaga
  • Teléfono: 952 226 902
  • Fax: 952 226 302 aduana.

Pérez-Muñoz Prados, Joaquín

Rojo Páez, José

  • Alameda de Colón, 26. 29001 Málaga
  • Teléfono: 952 214 187
  • Fax: 952 218 111

Sánchez Guzmán, Raúl

Total Logistic Service, S.L.


A. Pérez y Cía., S. L

Agencia Marítima Condeminas Málaga, S.A.

Andrés Cabrero Lahoz

Caniship S.L.

  • Diego Vázquez Otero, 10 1-1º
  • 29007 Málaga
  • Teléfono: 952 070 172
  • Fax: 952 304 384

Cía. Trasmediterránea, S.A.

Consignaciones y Estibas Bergé Málaga, S. L.

Covandulken, S.A.

Francisco Cabeza, S.A.

Jerónimo Pérez Casero

Marítima Garvayo, S. L.

Servimad Málaga, S. L.

Thomas Wilson, S. L.

Transportes y Cereales Málaga, S.A.