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Signature cuisine

Signature cuisine

Signature cuisine

The creative revolution and the innovation of chefs and hospitality professionals have earned Málaga cuisine a spot in the global ranking of gastronomy. Local products, many of them artisanal, and new cooking techniques have laid the foundations for signature cuisine.

Michelin Star

The city of Málaga has boasted a Michelin Star for over a decade. The José Carlos García restaurant, located in the Port of Málaga, is the only one in the city to hold this distinction. The chef who has given his name to the restaurant has been in the trade for 25 years, and one of his teachers is Martín Berasategui. His culinary philosophy relies on combining tradition, local products and technique, and is also influenced by the flavours of cuisine from all over the world.

The Repsol Guide also features a large number of establishments recognized for their chef's commitment to the environment, artisanal producers and sustainability. Numerous restaurants in the city have received this recognition and become part of eating tours for those who really want to enjoy a gastronomic experience.

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