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Ronda and Malaga Wine Tour


Ronda and Malaga Wine Tour

Ronda and Malaga Wine Tour


The food culture of Málaga City and Málaga Province cannot be fully understood without local wines. They are a trademark of regional cuisine and culture, and the result of traditions passed down from generation to generation for many centuries. Rooted in the Mediterranean diet, Málaga’s cuisine is based on genuine, quality foods: olives, fish, grapes, and so on.

The tourists coming to Málaga can taste authentic dishes on a menu that is always being reinvented but is always based on top-quality local products. In the case of Málaga wines, the best way to get familiar with them is to explore their origins: how grapes are grown, how they are turned into wine using precise techniques, and how they leave their mark on the place, on local culture and traditions.


The Ronda and Málaga Wine Tour is a wine tourism itinerary inviting visitors to explore the wine culture in Málaga Province. It includes four wine-growing regions – Serranía de Ronda, Axarquía, Manilva and the Northern Area – where outstanding DO wines are made: DO Málaga, DO Sierras de Málaga y DO Pasas de Málaga.

The tour includes nine towns with strong ties to the winemaking industry: Almáchar, Arriate, Cómpeta, El Borge, Manilva, Moclinejo, Mollina, Ronda and Sayalonga.


The tour makes available various experiences, like visiting some of the wineries where Ronda and Málaga wines are made. To learn more about each winery, click on the corresponding link:


The towns that are part of the Ronda and Málaga Wine Tour boast many different tourist attractions: historical landmarks and monuments, customs and traditions – many of them associated with harvest and wine – traditional dishes to pair with the wines, great accommodation choices, active travel and natural areas to enjoy wonderful landscapes and engage in country activities.

  • Almáchar: It boasts a charming church, San Mateo, and the picturesque district of Las Cabras, whose streets are so narrow and steep!
  • Arriate: In this lovely white village you can get amazing panoramic views from several viewpoints, including La Estacá and La Habana Street.
  • Cómpeta: Its magnificent church, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, is also known as the Axarquía Cathedral.
  • El Borge: Visitors coming to this lovely town will be welcomed by the Raisin Archway – a tribute to the most iconic food made here.
  • Manilva: This is a town with a castle, La Duquesa, housing the Municipal Museum of Archaeology.
  • Moclinejo: Known as the gateway to the Raisin Tour, this town is home to the Muscat Wine and Raisin Centre and to the Axarquía House Museum.
  • Mollina: In Mollina you can visit Roman ruins like Castellum de Santillán or the burial site of La Capuchina.
  • Ronda: One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Ronda brings together an exciting history, strong winemaking traditions and a stunning monumental heritage. The gorge that cuts the city into two and the bridge across it are landmarks of global tourism. The wine tour experience takes visitors to the main attractions.
  • Sayalonga: In Sayalonga you will find a most peculiar graveyard known as the Round Cemetery, and a fountain where Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid, is said to have quenched his thirst.

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