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Inland cuisine

Inland cuisine

Inland cuisine

With your hands on the steering wheel and the window open to let in the scent of pines and cork oaks. So begins the trip that takes you along the road of Los Montes past endless roadside restaurants that dot the road and beckon you to discover the essential dishes of inland Málaga.

The traditional dishes of Los Montes - migas, snails and lamb - make up, along with many others, the classic and characteristic menu, mainly in the autumn and winter months. After walking along some of its routes or trails, and discovering mills along the way, it's typical to stop at a restaurant to regain your strength.

Los Montes de Málaga: roadside restaurants

Considered the green lung surrounding the city, the natural park of Los Montes de Málaga offers a landscape teeming with forests of Aleppo pines and full of trails, streams and clearings where you can stop in the shade for a picnic-style meal. Along the road that divides it and that connects to places like Colmenar and Sierra Bermeja, the traditional Málaga roadside restaurants, called ventas, spring up like flowers, serving up delicious local dishes and many other popular recipes that will whet anyone's appetite.

In many of them, dishes such as Málaga collard greens, pork fillet in coloured lard, and rabbit with garlic are paired with the traditional Montes wine. A veritable treasure of the city, this is a sweet-tasting, golden-coloured wine made with Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel white grape varieties.

Montes de Málaga        Montes de Málaga

Typical dishes in the Montes area

Between the fir and chestnut trees wafts the unmistakable smell of that combination that makes meat-lovers salivate. The hearty dish of Los Montes is a must of traditional Málaga cuisine. A dish that combines a tasty piece of loin, chorizo, potatoes and fried green peppers and, depending on where you order it, blood sausage.

There are numerous ways to enjoy it, mainly in the ventas found along the road that crosses the mountains of Málaga and connects the city with the town of Colmenar. But that's not the only robust fare on the menu. Also high on our list are migas, pork loin in lard and the winter stews with goat or rabbit. Simply delicious!

Montes de Málaga Gastronomía