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Flavours to remember: local products

Flavours to remember: local products

Flavours to remember: local products

To venture into the city of Málaga is to savour its land, its sea and its history through the food and products that fill pantries in Málaga, such as the classic Málaga sausage or the tasty marinated chopped olives.

Markets and shops offer all kinds of local products with plenty of produce, meats and an extensive variety of fish and seafood that make the Málaga table such a delight for everyone. And to prove it, you just have to enjoy them. The list is long: fresh anchovies, sardines and prawns just shipped in from the market, local meats such as lamb, and fruits such as orange, melon, watermelon or grapes, and much more.

The best local ingredients fill the pantry and are then used in elaborate recipes, a Málaga tradition. Zurrapa, pork loin fried in lard and salt that is then pulled - ideal for spreading on toast - the classics of Málaga desserts, such as borrachuelos and tortas locas, and local wines are some of the perfect typical products to put in your shopping basket.

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Where to buy typical products

Markets are undoubtedly the best places to find them. The Central Market of Atarazanas, located in the historic centre and one of the most unique examples of 19th-century architecture, has stalls of all kinds where foodies can find a wide variety of local products. The Mercado del Carmen and the Mercado de Salamanca should also be on your must-see list.

Then there are the traditional corner shops and innovative stores specializing in artisanal local products such as sausages, oils, cheeses, the famous shredded salted cod, along with wines and spirits.

Also deserving a special mention are the street markets that are located in key points of the city and that offer the best home-made products: organic vegetables and foods, artisanal products, preserves and other processed items. One of the most common is the Ecological Market located in Paseo de Reding, a few minutes from the La Malagueta Beach, and the one that is set up near the Paque de Huelin, a few metres from the Antonio Machado promenade.

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