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Saint Ciriaco and Saint Paula Festival

Saint Ciriaco and Saint Paula Festival

Saint Ciriaco and Saint Paula Festival

Málaga is a modern and contemporary city which, in turn, is rooted in its history and tradition. As a result of this link, it preserves various celebrations that are kept alive to this day. These events not only honour history, but also offer a unique cultural spectacle that attracts locals and visitors alike.

Some of the most outstanding festivities are the processions, events that recall and stage significant moments in the history of Málaga and its faith.

A relevant celebration is the Santos Mártires Ciriaco and Paula festivities, the patron saints of Málaga, whose memory is honoured with religious acts and a solemn procession that reflects the devotion of the people of Málaga to these saints.
These celebrations are much more than just religious events; they are cultural manifestations rooted in the city's identity, where history, faith and tradition intertwine to create unique experiences that endure over time.