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Music of the Brotherhoods

Music of the Brotherhoods

Music of the Brotherhoods

One of Málaga's most well-known nicknames is "Cantaora" or Singer. This taste for music also finds its expression at Easter. Music is not only an accompaniment for the processions, but it is also an element essential for creating an atmosphere that invites meditation, joy, sincere prayer or moments of religious exaltation.

The processions are accompanied by bands or musical groups. Some brotherhoods have several different accompaniments (in Cruz Guía and accompanying each throne), others, such as Servitas, are only accompanied by drums.

There are more than 180 processional marches that are played during Málaga’s big week. The bands that play them can be from outside the city or from the brotherhoods themselves, although there are also special bands, such as the Cornetas y Tambores del Real Cuerpo de Bomberos de Málaga band; the Cornetas, Tambores y Fanfarria de la Brigada Paracaidista band; the Cornetas y Tambores de la Guardia Civil band or Guerra y Música de la Legión band.

Some sounds:

Música cofrade