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Easter gastronomy in Málaga is quite rich and various. Savoury and sweet dishes combine perfectly, bringing out the most traditional recipes and adapting them to modern times.

  • Torrijas. They are slices of bread soaked in wine with honey and spices or in milk, dipped in egg batter and then fried. They can be topped with cinnamon, sugar or honey.
  • Pestiños. Typical Easter cakes from Andalusia made with fried floru dough dipped in honey.
  • Buñuelos. Fried wheat flour with a round shape and a hole in the centre, as well as being covered in sugar. It is a typical cake in Lent.
  • Codfish. There are many different ways of preparing cod. In Málaga, the most common is to prepare it grilled or with tomato sauce, or in pancakes.
  • Peeled lemons
  • Fried fish
  • Noodles, prawns and clams casserole.
  • Coquinas
  • Collard greens from Málaga: stew made with broth from soup, chickpeas, green beans, pumpkin, potato and, if desired, pringá -fat- (although it is not usually used during Lent or Easter).
  • Stew from Vigilia: stew with chickpeas, cod and usually, spinach. It is the typical Good Friday dish.