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A tour of Málaga’s nativity scenes

A tour of Málaga’s nativity scenes

A tour of Málaga’s nativity scenes

If there is a plan you cannot miss to experience 100% of Málaga’s Christmas is to visit, one by one, the nativity scenes of the city. A perfect route for the whole family, with numerous stops where the displays, full of figurines, spread magic and tradition.

The City Hall is transformed to become the home of one of the main nativity scenes in the capital. With hundreds of pieces and a special theme each year, the City Council opens its doors to kids and adults until 6th January, completely free of charge. To make it even more realistic, the sound effects, water and detailed lighting stand out.

The Cathedral is another essential meeting point for those who want to attend the representation of biblical scenes such as the Annunciation, the Inn, the Stable or the Flight to Egypt. With more than 400 figures, the oldest temple in the city continues this traditional route, recreating landscapes, objects, customs and historical characters.

As every year, the museums are decorated with Christmas decorations and host some of the most popular nativity scenes in their spaces, which are always dedicated to masterpieces. The Museo Carmen Thyssen and the Museo de Vidrio y de Cristal are classics on the route. So are the different neighbourhood associations in the city and the numerous brotherhoods and confraternities that never miss an opportunity to recreate original handmade nativity scenes.