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Official opening

Official opening

Official opening

The early days of the fair deliver several highlights that are worth experiencing first-hand – a prelude to the days of merrymaking and joy ahead. There is, for instance, the opening speech and firework show on Friday 12, or the street procession to the Shrine of La Victoria on Saturday 13, followed by the lighting of the fairground façade at Real del Cortijo de Torres in the evening. These are some of the magic moments that make Málaga Fair one of the most popular events in Andalusia.

Friday 12 August

Fireworks at La Malagueta

On the Friday before 19 August – this year, Friday 12 August – thousands of people will gather on the beach in La Malagueta to enjoy the fireworks, visible from different places in the city. These will be the main attraction on Friday, in addition to a new drone show that will have 240 devices flying at the same time, making the show the biggest gathering of drones in Spain.

Biznagas Feria

Saturday 13 Ausgut

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of La Victoria

On the morning of the first Saturday of the fair, people go down the streets on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Santa María de la Victoria, the city’s Patroness. The route starts at Malaga´s City Hall, where pilgrims, horse riders, carts and horse-drawn carriages gather in front of onlookers get ready to see them off.

Standing at the stairs, the Mayor of Málaga hands the city flag – known as “la verde y morá” because of its colours, green and purple – to the standard-bearer – usually someone with a remarkable career –, who will bring the flag to the Patroness of Málaga. The Virgin is also given a flower offering, with a mass celebrated in Her honour right after. Following that, the pilgrims return to the centre of town, ready to celebrate at the Historic District.

Lighting of the fairground façade and Opening SPeech at Real del Cortijo de Torres

This year´s opening speech will take place at a new location, the Real del Cortijo de Torres, the first Saturday of the Feria before the lighting of the fairground façade. Singer María Pelaé will address the citizens from a stage, and afterwards, the lighting of the façcade, resemblant of the one at Palacio de la Aduana, will take place.

Fair tents, rides for kids, performances, concerts and more activities fill up this year's programme at el Real Cortijo de Torres.