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Useful information

Useful information

Useful information

Useful phone numbers

Here is a list of the phone numbers of Málaga’s services, where you can call to ask questions, request information or in case of an emergency.


If you are coming from another country, here is the list of Consulates in Málaga, in case you need to contact them.

Health devices

Since Málaga is committed to cardioprotection, the Málaga Fair stalls are equipped with defibrillators. The QR codes will tell you where to find the nearest device.

Purple Spot

Once again this year, there will be a Purple Spot at Málaga Fair, protecting women against gender-based violence. In this spot you can find information to prevent violence against women and a team of social workers to provide psychosocial support if you need it.

In addition, the Spanish Police Unit for Women and Families (UFAM), specialising in sexual violence, will be available 24/7, and a special monitoring task force of the Málaga Police will be patrolling the streets.