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Food: the flavours of Málaga Fair

Food: the flavours of Málaga Fair

Food: the flavours of Málaga Fair

Málaga Fair is an event to enjoy with your mind and body, with all your senses. It is also an event to taste. Dining at the fair is a social affair. No day at the fair is complete without having a few tapas or raciones with your family or friends, paired with a fine wine made in Málaga.


Traditional dishes to taste include fried eggplants with cane honey – a real treat –, Spanish tortilla, fried fish, and ham and cheese. As a side dish, order a fresh tomato-based salad or, if you are having fish, roasted peppers.


To wash them down, you can choose from a wide range of wines, including a fine selection of those made in Málaga. Some of the greatest sweet wines are produced in this region, and during the fair many people carry their own flasks to take a swig or two whenever they want. Wines can offer a taste of the most traditional core of the fair. But remember to drink moderately!