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Fair at Real del Cortijo de Torres

Fair at Real del Cortijo de Torres

Fair at Real del Cortijo de Torres

During the Málaga fair, the fairground at Cortijo de Torres welcomes thousands of Malagueños and out-of-towners. The lights of the fairground façade are lit up on the first Saturday, illuminating the fairground in the evening for the next eight days. Stalls, lanes and rides are all open to visitors ready to enjoy themselves both before and after the sun goes down.

One of the fairground highlights is the horse and carriage parade – a colourful event, deeply rooted in Málaga’s traditions.

There is also a beauty pageant where contestants wear their most stunning flamenco outfits. The winners are named Fair Queen and King.

The stalls, open to all and sundry, offer the best music in the greatest atmosphere – from traditional Andalusian music like flamenco, malagueñas, verdiales and sevillanas to contemporary rock and pop, brought to Málaga by bands and DJs. In addition, concerts by leading Spanish musical artists are staged at the Cortijo de Torres Municipal Auditorium.

There is room for families too at the Cortijo de Torres Fairground. The children’s special area includes rides – complete with a Ferris wheel –, raffle stands and cotton candy parlours.

In the vicinity there is a huge parking area, accommodating more than 15,000 vehicles. The fairground, covering 500,000 square metres, offers adequate emergency and medical services to the thousands of visitors it welcomes every day.