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Málaga exceeds 200 congress and professional meeting candidacies for the first time


Málaga exceeds 200 congress and professional meeting candidacies for the first time

In the last year the number of international candidacies and inspection visits increased by over 30%.

Damián Caneda is committed to continue promoting a sector with great business capacity and in which Málaga is showing great strength

26/06/2013.- The Málaga Convention Bureau, the agency responsible for fostering and promoting the congress and incentive sector, is currently working on a total of 212 candidacies for meetings and professional assemblies in Málaga, an unprecedented record for the city. This number has been achieved after last year's 30% + increase in the number of international candidacies and inspection visits to the city made by the representatives of national and European companies, firms and associations.

Further, these figures demonstrate the success of the plan implemented by the Málaga Convention Bureau a few years ago to make doctors or academics ambassadors for our destination thanks to the opportunity and capability they have to submit candidacies for major national and international conferences.

Outstanding among the candidacies currently in progress are the International Congress of Educating Cities, the European Congress of Osteoporosis and Ostearthritis, World Forum of Client Hospital Supply, Spanish Fertility Society, National Society of Classical Studies and the World Coal Congress.

The Málaga Convention Bureau action plan currently in force includes a large number of actions for the second half of the year through which Málaga will continue to attract new conferences for 2015. In fact, in recent years, the Department of Tourism's agency has been working on medium-long term goals and has already submitted candidacies for 2020.

In this way, it appears that more conferences and professional meetings will be held 2013 than in 2012 and next year's meetings will surpass those to be held in Málaga this year. In any event, Málaga's Congress sector has grown steadily in recent years. In 2012 alone 160 professional assemblies and meetings were held in the city, seven more than in 2011. 63,175 people took part in these conferences, almost 5% more than the previous year, generating an economic impact of more than 75 million euros for the city.

In connection with this, the Councillor for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Damián Caneda, stressed the importance of further promoting a segment with a great business capacity and in which Málaga shows more strength than its main competitors.

Thus, the mayor pointed out that, last year, the Málaga Convention Bureau took part in 60 promotional events (fairs, professional conferences, promotional events and 'workshops'). The same promotional activity was carried out in 2013, with the result of major conferences such as the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy or the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine being held in the city.

A close working relationship with the University of Málaga has been especially important in achieving these figures, as has the collaboration with other institutions, such as the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourism Board.

As a case in point, last February Málagacon, the initiative launched by the convention bureaux of the City of Málaga Department of Tourism and the Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourism Board, was recognized by the Spanish Federation of Professional Congress Organizers (PCO Spain) as the best local institution for developing and promoting this important segment in our country.

The Málagacon initiative was launched nearly five years ago by the City of Málaga and the Tourist Board to attract major national and international congresses to the city.